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Miss Andrea

Andrea and Miss Kylee

Lead Designer, Miss Andrea is the owner of Royalty Designs Pageant Attire, creating national award winning pageant dresses and attire for over 30 years.  Her pageant dress designs can be seen on all 7 seasons of "Toddlers and Tiaras", (in 17 episodes,)

She has designed dresses internationally and for real royalty, the Sultan of Bernei, Sir Bolkiah Hassanal's daughters, whom she made matching tea length Tiffany blue formal dresses. Her designs are shipped world wide and can be seen as far as Australia, UK and Japan

Andrea is a professional Emcee and has hosted hundreds of events throughout the United States, including Miss USA and Miss America preliminary competitions, Miss California, award shows and talent competitions.

She has Emceed12 episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras and was recently in a commercial with Tom Hanks and Ron Howard with a spoof on beauty pageants.

Andrea has been was featured on 60 minutes, Kathy Griffin's "My lift on the "D" list", Sunset Tan, CNN, ABC, CBS, “E” Entertainment Channel, and her dress designs were in the movie, ”Little Miss Sunshine”, in which she also helped with the casting of the show and was a pageant consultant for the director. She has done extensive modeling/acting and voice over’s and was a one of Dick Clark’s dancers on American Bandstand. She has 4 wonderful children, one Grandchild and has been married for 31 years.



Every custom made attire is unique and is a handmade piece of art that includes techniques such as hand painting and dying, beautiful fabrics lavishly hand decorated with trims and rhinestones and stunning appliqué and fabric manipulation techniques.

I am a trained clothing designer, artist and a skilled tailor. But, beyond the technical aspect of sewing a garment, I work very closely with each of my customers to make sure that your design needs are fulfilled and that you are delighted with my creativity and unique designs.

I have the experience to know what is right for each style and the design expertise to create something original and fresh within that genre.

I have been on countless episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras, as well as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Oprah Winfrey Show, Little Miss Sunshine, Fox news, Jimmy Kimmel, Larry King live, Extra- Extra, and many more.

I will work very close with you to make sure that you receive the best quality designed attire. Bring your design(s) or let me and my team create an amazing custom made wardrobe for you.

I look forward to working with you.

Andrea McLaws - Royalty Designs

Andrea and Miss Kayla

Andrea and Miss Kayla
Toddlers and Tiara filming 

Miss Daniell, Andrea, Miss Makenzie and Miss Ellison
Toddlers and Tiaras

Andrea and Miss Mayra

Bella and Scarlett Tammaro

Filming with Kathy Griffin on, "My life on the D List".


L to R, Priscilla Colby, Andrea McLaws, kathy Griffin, Barbara Thomas, Maggy Griffin, Kim Colby